Fridays are always full of confusing thoughts, “what to do, where to go coming weekend?”. Going through the astronomical events I came across Lyrids Meteor shower and knew something had to be done. After surfing on binary waves,  I found a group and called Jamila (Organiser) and I was in.

Check Astronomical events here :-

A little about Lyrids :-
Lyrids Meteor showers last from April 16 to April 26 every year in Lyra Constellation. Its an average shower producing about 20 meteors per hour at its peak.
On Saturday night me, Uday and Anant met and started for Keesara, where we met rest of the people. After a round of introductions, we went straight to nearby open area which we felt would be good to observe skies.

After setting up my camera, we set up the telescope and saw Jupiter, Saturn and Venus. The terrain was a little rocky, which was good because rocks gave us natural setting for lying in inclined manner to see the show.  People kept moving here and there, discussions went from one topic to another with momentarily cheers of “I saw one [meteor]”. As time went by number of people watching the skies kept on decreasing. With constant breeze blowing, we kept looking up and before we knew Sun was up.

After a cup of tea, we went for a lake, which seemed liked an artificial one. After watching some Olympics level swimming , we all said goodbyes and went our ways.

This was my first time when I specifically  went out to just see a meteor shower.

And the customary group photo

TOP(L-R): Piyush, Uday, Rahul, Nazim, Satish , Middle (L-R) : Sethu, Vinay, Rakesh, Nida, Karishma, Jamila, Monika, Azhar  Bottom(L-R): Aman, Muffin, Anant and me

Check out the timelapse too, though it’s far from perfect but still it takes quite an effort to make/edit one.

How many did you see?