Sharavati is a river which originates and flows entirely within the state of Karnataka in India. This Jan I went to Sharavathi Valley with BMC(Bangalore Mountaineering Club).

What we did?
Day 1
After traveling from Bangalore (we started at around 10pm previous night) we rested at a city named Sagar, had breakfast and started for a small trek. Our destination was Dabbe falls which is like a hidden treasure (you really have to trek on steep descents to reach). At one point we had to rappel down. The falls aren’t that exciting to look, it was the water, the flow that was exciting.

Dabbe Falls

Our next destination was Sharavathi backwaters, which we reached after sunset (so couldn’t really see how the place looked like….until morning). We camped at the lake beach and slept under the stars literally, saw milky way band and shooting star.

That would be me, with Vani giving creepy looks

Day 2
Woke up early morning with stars still above me. Walked around and then later went on a ferry (stationary ferry, didn’t ride one). There was no crowd, no noise, no chaos. The water was just peaceful.
This trip wouldn’t have been memorable without these awesome people.

From L-R, Sandeep(our guide), Rohith(coordinator), Tanveer, Yashwanth, Vani, Meiya, Urvesh, Sagar, Diana, Chirag, Me, Sourabh, Madhumita, Gayatri, Shrihari

Just a side note (kindly ignore if you are not a bird watcher):-
Birds spotted on trip –  River tern, herons, cormorant, Eagle(?), Brahminy Kite, white cheeked barbet.