After graduating I thought I might never get to be part of a star party. After coming to Bangalore, within 1st month, I found Bangalore Astronomy Society (BAS).
The moment I saw a post by Keerthi about a star party being held, without wasting time I registered.
Fast forwarding to the Dec 24, 2016…. I was picked up by Ravi who was traveling with his son, Varun.
Our first stop was Kavalur Observatory.


More info about it :-
Usually I’d document celestial bodies by taking their pictures, but this time I had no such arrangements but I did try my hands on time lapse (check below).

We saw faint Orion arm of Milky way, Andromeda (M31) with naked eyes! details of Jupiter’s band, Moon with more details than ever,  solar flare literally coming out of sun like thread coming out of an orange ball. Others celestial objects like  Ghost of Mirach, Cigar nebula, Triangle nebula and Bode nebula and open clusters like Eta Carina, Double clusters, Leo triplet, Omega Centauri and Alpha Centauri were seen.

What made the whole night even more memorable were the people! Learning 0.00001% of kannada with “bros”, talking with abhishek about how we are at times complicating things, and for once we should all leave all telescopes and stuff and just watch the sky. The freezing night, sleepy eyes but still we wanna see more….and the ghostly group pic with Aditya,  Chinmayee, Keerthi and Niranjan. Return trip with Ravi, Aditya was full of interesting conversations.

This time-lapse is full of glitches, dew came in between…but notice a meteor at 18-19s, plane in between.