Who doesn’t dream…dreams are what drives your life. I’ll share one of my dream.

(High five if you’re an anime fan.) I used to watch an anime “Capeta“.  It’s about a kid who dreams of becoming a racing driver and fights against all odds to achieve that.
It got me excited to such a level that I started watching F1 (like following every race with all details), then I got to know that India is building one F1 track too. I dreamt  of going there and watching a race, which  I eventually did in 2013.

Colour accent_2_Manpreet Singh_EE_3rd
Paul Di Resta in Sahara Force India, Indian GP 2013

Now the dream doesn’t stop here, I always wanted to drive a formula racing car, this one is yet to be completed but doing go karting is the first step, even if it is a recreational one. I did 3 runs(6 laps each) in total, first two runs feeling the track and car while third one going all out. I could feel the thrill drivers feel to be perfect in a lap, speeding up in corner, overtaking with braking early, going in a racing line.DSCN3871.JPG

In fact I believe, what we dream in our young age is manifested in our lives in some way or the other. Everyone has such dreams, don’t forget them, hold onto them, after all dreams are what makes life worth living.