I don’t know what it is about Mountains that makes them magical. I have been traveling for quite sometime now in search of unexpected adventures, night sky, flora and fauna and meeting new people. In August 2015, we (Himalayan Explorer Club) went to Shali tibba, around 40km away from Shimla. We started little late and had to do little night trekking too.
After 11km trek, we were all exhausted and went to sleep pretty early. Then i remember opening my eyes, and heard some voices. I asked, Hitesh, what’s the time? he said “something 6 am”. I thought, in my mind, “crap i missed the night sky”! Still I didn’t want to waste any more time. I quickly went out when sun was about to rise. I don’t have any words for what I witnessed next. I have witnessed sun rise like million times now, but this time it was more peaceful than ever with clouds beneath you!

DSCN0122.jpg Soon everyone came, *clicks* *clicks* profile pics and what not and then after short burst of excitement,  we sat on one corner for about 2 minutes, not speaking anything.
There was absolute peace.It was short but definitely the kind of peace, you usually don’t find anywhere!
Mountains are truly magical!